Three-T Triple Treat of Tokyo (Omotesando, Harajuku and Shibuya) Part 2

After walking around Omotesando district, my travel buddy Sherisse and I, together with our host mom Miwako and sister Natsuko went to Harajuku district to see where young Tokyo-ites spend most of their shopping.



We saw H&M, and mom decided to buy us sweaters and scarves there. We got this photo at the staircase instead. They told us that this is where they shop a lot too. The naive me, who have never known H&M actually thought everything here is just splendid!

inside H&MAfter this we started looking for food shops. We found this famous Cafe Crepe in Harajuku. We just took a photo instead and walked around to THE FAMOUS Takeshita Street till we saw this tiny noodle house and had our first authentic Tokyo noodle đŸ˜€

cafe crepe2

cafe crepe


noodle shop in HarajukuYou could tell we were like kids, right? Ha! And because the temperature was really getting into me, i decided to wear the sweater we just bought. And realized it still is not enough, while we were walking around. Then we caught the next train for Shibuya-ku.


walking around Takeshita

train stationWith this temperature, i am stunned with my host sister Natsuko for donning a skirt that night. And so almost all of the young Tokyoites! Wow two claps for them la! Our next destination? Shibuya!

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