Three-T Triple Treat of Tokyo (Omotesando, Harajuku and Shinjuku) Part 1

Arriving to Narita Airport for the first time was a dream come true. Its nostalgic now to recall how cold it was on that day. It felt like there were invisible air-conditioner all over the place! These are the words coming from a girl who’ve never been to a land of ice.


yesfightingWe saw all these neat parking areas and apartments just outside the airport.

parking areashousesIt was already dark when we arrived at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. So me and my travel buddy for this trip Sherisse started our Three-T as soon as possible with our Mama Miwako and our sissy Natsuko.

hotelotaniWe first came to visit the famous Omotesando-ku of Tokyo. I never heard of Omotesando in my whole life. But i saw this free magazine at the airport and took it with me. Omotesando district was featured. So when Mama Miwako took us in for our first night, we went to see it for ourselves.

souvenir store

kukuruza2Us having photo-op with our sister outside Kukuruza. People line up just to eat their popcorn. Must be very very yummy, yah? But for us, just seeing Tokyo was enough to fill our travel craving.

kukuruzaI saw that locals wore really great clothes. I mean, seeing them wear all these different styles was just magnanimous! Thought the people back home would be put to shame if they see these locals wearing signature clothes daily in their face! Ha! And the architectural designs of the buildings, so crazily beautiful in my eyes!

omotesando like new yorktokyo plazaWalking around with winter season being just around the corner, was freakingly cold for us,coming from a tropical country where we only know wet and dry. So thankful to mom for buying us some sweater and scarf at H&M as soon as we arrived in Harajuku-ku.


Omotesando was really an eye-opener for me when it comes to fashion. Being there made me want to see for myself other fashion cities like New York, Berlin, Italy, and even London. Hmmm…. well, with my travel buddy, we have just checked Tokyo on our list. Thank you Mama Miwako and sissy Natsuko! See you around again!

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