Three-T Triple Treat of Tokyo (Omotesando, Harajuku and Shibuya) Part 3

Even while we were waiting for the train, i was already excited to finally be able to step on the famous Shibuya-ku! At this time, a lot of commuters were already lining up. We were told beforehand that if we ride the train in Tokyo, do not be loud, or else you’ll blow their personal bubble space. So you’ll see us very well behave in our photo inside the train.

Shibuya train passing by

train direction

trainOne of the things i was excited about Tokyo is seeing her youths wearing all these unique fashion and some unique items. I’m glad i saw some of them. But we didn’t photograph them, we didn’t want to be rude. So we saw some girls who wore these kind of fashion.

tokyo fashion

newest vending machineMom said this is the newest vending machine in Tokyo. Ooohhhh… we can tell! Ha!

And then finally, we saw Hachiko, the famous dog. I won’t tell the story anymore, i guess everybody knows already about it. No? Well, Hachiko waited for his master to come everyday in front of the train station as he often does even when his master was alive. He continued to wait for him despite his master’s death, believing that the master will come back again. Because of this, after Hachiko’s death, the people built a statue in honor of the dog. Everybody loves Hachiko and everyone wanted to have a Hachiko dog.hachiko

Standing from where we’re at, we saw the famous intersection. Our monumental crossing did happen in just two minutes after we decided to move on from Hachiko. We had tons of selfie photos and videos, but to save our faces, i’ll just post a few photos here. Ha!

shinjuku intersection

crossing the intersection

selfie at shinjuku intersectionAs soon as we crossed to the other side, we saw this billboard saying “Mama I want to Sing”. Oh! Its like a shout for freedom! I want to sinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!! Me tooooooooooo!!!!

mama i want to sing

shinjuku3 We decided to ride the train back to Omotesando, where Hotel New Otani is just a walking distance. A friend i met years back was waiting for us to meet me finally in Tokyo. So we were rushing to come back to the hotel as fast as possible.

train direction2

Finally meeting Mr. Don!

finally meeting himHe waited for like probably 20mins for us at the hotel lobby, but we had to go up to our hotel room because we had a contingent meeting to hop in to. So i only got to meet him for like 5mins, and it felt awful because i didn’t want to go asap. Thanks a lot Mama Miwako and sissy Natsuko for making this night extremely awesome! Thanks so much also Mr. Don for giving me your time and get to see you in your city for the first time! I hope to come back and spend more time with everybody. And i really hope i will get back to Tokyo again.

Indeed our trip to Tokyo was fated. We came to Japan to represent the Philippines as youth ambassadors for the 40th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program, a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Japanese government and the ASEAN governments including Philippines. We stayed in Japan for about 2weeks. We were sent to different prefectures. I will talk about the prefecture i went to in my next post. Guess where i went? F U K U I !

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