What it is like living in Quezon City- A Cebuana Perspective

It was August 18, last year, when i moved in to Quezon City after my two month solo backpacking in Southeast Asia. I dreaded it and was feeling uneasy coming over and staying here for a couple of months in the capital due to the bad impressions formulated over the years that life here is not ideal. One way or another, i can say things aren’t similar as how i expected them. And here i will tell you why.

1. It is not true that rallies are everywhere, and happening ALL THE TIME.
No, and i promise you when it does happen, people would be like “if i were them i’d use my vote wisely” or like “these people are so out of their mind, why don’t they just follow guidelines?”. Here in Quezon City, instead of rallies, i see parades and more like a celebration most of the time rather than the bloody battle between civilians and the government.

2. Malls are everywhere. Literally.
They’re like giant mushrooms. However here at QC, we have places like Maginhawa Street, Malingap Street or even Timog Street. These places are food haven. What makes them a point of interest in my opinion is that they give you the ambience of being in the place, not in an artificial location like malls where everything is up for grabs and no place for being still, where time is always running. My favorite is at Z Compound in Malingap Street. I like it so much there, i always make sure my visitors get to visit and eat.


3. The air is very polluted.
Okay, that is an understatement. There are other cities more polluted than this. But the traffic really is congested, and drivers honks in a way outsiders wouldn’t understand. But i think i found refuge and solace in places like Quezon City Circle and the University of the Philippines Diliman. I happen to live nearby, so i jog daily inside Oble’s territory. I would recommend you to drink the all-naturelle fruit shake inside the campus’ shopping center after jogging.


4. Lastly, we are not a city of skyscrapers, and it feels more like HOME.
I grew up in Cebu City and have been used to having the best of both worlds, laidback life- with all the nice beaches and mountain thrills within reach, and city life- having all the benefits of “civilization” taking place in our communities. Here in QC, it feels almost like the same. Though mountains and seas are out of question, but the fact that almost 50% of the land in this city is residential, and small-time restaurants and shops are highly encouraged, that is sexy. Living here for awhile doesnt make it a lot strange for an outsider. I feel at home.


My five months here has a lot of good memories. I learned that a secret to a good life living in a new place is being open-minded to the people you live around and letting the city take you by surprise. This February, i am heading to another city far different than ours here in the Philippines. With my experience here in Quezon City, i can look forward to spending a really good time and surviving Warsaw, Poland very soon!


One thought on “What it is like living in Quezon City- A Cebuana Perspective

  1. Thank you for recommeding great places in QC. I will probably go to Eastwood this year. I found your blog when I Googled Quezon City. I hope you will enjoy Europe. Keep up the great work. People who share like you do are amazing.

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